Thursday, February 5, 2009

What do Friday's mean to you?

Question for the day:

As Thursday draws to a close, what do Friday's mean to you? Excitement? Relief? Anyone not like Fridays?


Damaria Senne said...

Friday is my favourite day of the week because the weekend is close. I like weekends because my time is my own, and I can relax, see family or get caught up on work without feeling client pressure.

Edit This said...

I love to go home on Fridays and veg out in front of the tv, although most Fridays I end up going out with my friends.

By the way, I am ecstatic that I found your blog. I'm a 24 year old writer and can definitely relate!!

Katie said...

I'm in a long distance relationship, so for me, Fridays mean getting to see the boyfriend for a couple of days. I leave work every Friday with a skip in my step, and it has very little to do with the fact that I don't have to come back to work the next day. (Although that part's nice too.)