Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kell on Earth: Where Production Meets Reality

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Kelly Cutrone, owner of People's Revolution, has just launched the newest phase of her reality tv career with Kell On Earth, a reality show on the ins and outs of a typical day at her hectic firm. Kelly is by no means new to the cameras, as her firm's also appeared on MTV's The Hills and The City. Yet now the show is focusing on her firm alone and there seems to be no end to the drama, the tears and the stress. (Would BRAVO have it any other way?)

Yet, even in reality television, there has to be some element of production. So, I wonder how much is (I don't want to use the words not real, as I do think there is a lot of reality here) but "highlighted" or "exaggerated"? More importantly, from personal curiosity and for the other twenty somethings out there, do you think you could survive in this office, with Kelly as your boss? My answer is yes and no.

From the Kell on Earth view of the world, there is never ever enough time, some last minute disaster always happens and no matter what you do, you'll probably get screamed at for it. Not to mention, spoken to in a very "valley girl" sort of voice about how you aren't pulling your weight. "I mean, oh my god, like, this is, like, ridiculous, like I can't believe you aren't like doing your job." Can you guess who this is? ALL the girls at the firm...

I'm actually trying to get a job at a PR agency right now, and I'm well versed from previous PR experiences that the job can get pretty out of control, hectic and overwhelming. It comes in waves depending on launches and events etc. However, I can't help but think that if your firm is run well, you are good with time management and your firm isn't short-staffed, you should be able to sleep at night and complete daily cleansing activities etc. I know they started the filming during fashion week, so that's probably why we're seeing the sleep deprived train wrecks with dark circles. (and dare I say it, No make-up! Oh snap!) But there is a fashion week is many cities and they seem to cover all of them. We'll see what else Kelly's got in store this season!

All in all, it's exciting to watch, yet also stressful. Kelly is portrayed as a horrible boss, but a great mentor at the same time. The girls who work at her firm have to be thick skinned and not take anything personally. AND most importantly, as Kelly always says "If you have to cry, go outside!"

What you do all think?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy HAPPO Day!!!

Good Morning PR Professionals! I feel that today will be a great day. Why? Because thanks to HAPPO (Help a PR Pro Out) many PR Pros across the country will be getting connected with great jobs or finding great talent for their open positions.

I was lucky enough to connect with HAPPO's Boston Coordinator, Doug Haslam, (@DougH) on Twitter and be invited to be a part of this movement. I was then asked by HAPPO to write a creative blog post about my job search for prospective employers. I've been searching for a PR job for a little while, so being asked to write a "pitch" about my search should seem easier to me, but it's actually a bit daunting. So, here we go.

I'm a very eager, young professional in Boston, MA who is hoping to find a great career in PR and really "hit the ground running" once I find it. I've always been a very creative, big-picture thinker and I want to become part of a team full of smart, passionate people. I've held several positions and internships where I've proven my PR and Marketing skills. These have included being the Marketing Assistant for a local children's theater, heading up the PR Campaign for a non-profit breast cancer organization and currently working as the Administrative Assistant for an Educational Non-Profit. I have a good non-profit background, but am not necessarily looking for this field specifically. I have very transferable skills and can take them anywhere. My hope is to find a position where I can devote 100% of my time to this and be surrounded by the best in the business so I can learn as much as possible. Please take a look at my LinkedIn profile to view more on my background.

You can connect with me here on my blog or:
Twitter: abernst

Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't let your job / lack of job determine your happiness

With the number of people lately who have been laid off, or who are simply in jobs that don't give them the satisfaction they desire, it leads me to wonder if our happiness is purely dependent on the jobs given to us, or if we can somehow create our own sense of happiness in this arena regardless of the actual conditions.

I was reading this article on the Careeralism website and it helped to affirm my thoughts that no matter what, we are in control of at least a bit of our career happiness. If you're unhappy between 9 and 5, there may be other opportunities to fill in the gaps of disappointment. Take a class in your field of interest, network, volunteer. But don't let others bring you down. Don't let job rejections make you feel that you can't be happy. As this article states, you CAN have your cake and eat it too. See link to article below.

5 Ways to Take Control of a Job That's Not Working
By CAREEREALISM-Approved Expert, Tai Goodwin

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm afraid of getting old

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I don't know why, but the thought of aging really freaks me out. I know it effects everyone and it's just the natural progression of life, but I can't bear the thought of someday turning into a frail, wrinkly old woman who can't see well.

This isn't to say that I would rather not live until I get there. I certainly want to experience everything that life has to offer, but I enjoy doing it as a young person and I don't want to give that up.

Perhaps it's because I've just entered my late twenties and before I know it, I'll have hit the big 30. Wow, just saying that is scary. As a kid, I thought I'd always be a kid and an adult life was a far-away place that wouldn't effect me.

When I hit my thirties and forties, will I have to stop dressing young and start wearing mommy jeans? No way. I know plenty of thirty, forty and even fifty-somethings who still dress like they're 25. Phew. At least I can hold on to that. When I'm 80 will I have to give up tennis for cards and start complaining with the other little old ladies about our latest medical grievances? I hope not.

And having kids? That's a entire other story that I'm terrified of. I know there are many wonderful things that lay ahead and some say the best times in life are yet to come. I'm excited, but still a little terrified.