Monday, December 29, 2008

Just like old times...

Greetings from Upstate NY!
I am currently spending a few days in my old hometown, seeing friends and family with my boyfriend. Christmas was wonderful and now we are hanging here until Thursday. I love to visit this place, but the thought of moving back here makes me rather depressed. I look at all the old hangouts that still look the same and are in need of a makeover. Now more than ever, there are many buildings that look as if they are on their last legs. This town is quite nice in many ways, but I suppose in comparison to Boston, there is much left to be desired. Especially the job situation. I told you all in an an earlier post about how my boyfriend wants to ultimately move back here and teach at his old high school. The last few days have given me a realistic glimpse as to what a life would look like here. I can't even give you a description because it would be to sad for me. I'd be very lucky to have a job, or any job for that matter that actually made me feel worthwhile. I would probably have to work at restaurant to make ends meet. There is a good chance that I'd be one of those women who hated her job but was stuck there until who knows when...I don't want that kind of life! No!! I say no! Ahhh...that felt good. Anyways, this vacation is nice, but I'm thinking that I'll need a vacation when I get home because we are so busy! Anyways, I hope everyone had a great holiday and has a wonderful new years!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Waiting to recover in more ways than one

I just realized that the next few weeks will be necessary for a recovery in more ways than one. First off, I'm having a minor eye surgery tomorrow. Yesterday, I was getting really nervous, but today I am more anxious to just get it over with! Also, I am officially out of money for christmas presents. Yup, I'm done. Hopefullly the next few weeks will also provide recovery to my bank account as well. Oh, and did I mention that my boyfriend, who makes far less money than me, somehow has much more money for christmas presents? I don't get it. How does he do it? Grrr. Not to mention that our city needs to recover from 2 consecutive snowstorms that have left things less than fun outside. On Wednesday I'm headed out of town for about a week so I will post when I get back! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a good recovery for everyone's bank accounts!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

2 weeks vacation

Hi All,

So I am about one day away from a full 2 weeks of Holiday vacation. Since I work at a Catholic University, its a bonified Christmas VK. But for me, its just a VK with a dash o' holiday. However, this Monday, the first official day of my VK, I will be undergoing a minor eye surgery. YIKES! I recently found out that I have a condition called strabismus which basically means that both my eyes don't work together because one of my eyes has a muscle that is weak or paralyzed. (sounds worse than it is) When I look in certain angles, some objects become double and it's hard to focus. Contrary to popular belief, its different than a lazy eye, although if you catch me at the right time, it can look like one. I've heard and read that it's a minor procedure and the recovery time is just a day or two. So hopefully by Wednesday, when we leave for my boyfriends parent's house, I will back to my old self. Other than my wisdom teeth, I've never undergone surgery, but I am trying to stay positive! If anyone has ever undergone this surgery, let me know what it was like! I try and update after wards to let you all know how it went. For now, Happy Holidays and enjoy some well deserved time off from work!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Up in the air

Do you hate when pieces of your life are up in the air? My lovely boyfriend will be graduating from a master’s program this May which means he’ll start looking for big boy jobs as he calls them. We’ve been talking about this on and off for several months. Where will he get this big boy job? Good question. We live in Boston and there are plenty of opportunities here for him, but that doesn’t mean we will ultimately end up staying here. It all depends. So here is his big dream: He wants to move back to our home town and teach at his old high school. If that sounds great to him, it sounds awful to me. Our home town is a fairly economically depressed place which is lovely to visit, but there are very few jobs. I highly doubt I would find a decent job there and as far as a career, I can basically forget about it. Plus, I have no friends there anymore. So, sounds like someone will have to make a sacrifice. I trust that we’ll work it out together but I’d rather not have to go through a battle in the process. The irritating part is, its all hypothetical right now, there isn’t a point in getting worked up about a possibility that hasn’t even come to fruition. So, for now we’ll just wait and hope that things work out for both of us.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Secrets at work

If you’ve always thought of your office as a fairly professional place, but lately you feel there may be a secret or two going around, what are you to think of it? I am certainly not one to engage in secrets (unless it’s a really good one) Just kidding…

I especially don’t feel that I have too many comrades with whom I would indulge in such scandalous behavior, so I think that my best place in this potential mess is to be a fly on the wall. It’s sort of fun that way. You don’t have to be involved. You just sit at your desk and pretend to be deep in work and not at all listening to the whispers around you, but you can go home and giggle about how silly other people are acting when they’re suppose to be professional. It’s always surprising when you find someone who has been in the working world for so long, closing there door and whispering. I mean, really?

When people begin to whisper and then close their doors right in front of me, I always wonder what it is they are thinking. Clearly, I know something strange is going on…oh well!