Friday, January 30, 2009

Office Vibes: good, bad and what to make of them


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Happy Friday! So, we all know how the melting pot of different personalities in one office can make way for interesting dynamics. If you’re office is comprised of several type A’s who have to work together on a daily basis, well, duck and cover. On the other hand, an overwhelming amount of type B’s could be a dream or a disaster. What do you do when you and another personality just don’t click? You think you’re receiving negative vibes, yet you don’t feel obliged to do much about it, and really, what can you do?

Take the scenario of you and Jane “Attitude” Anderson. Her emails are short; she doesn’t say much to you other than hi and bye. You even think you may have caught an eye roll the other day when you dropped something on her desk. Is there anything you can do? Probably not. As long as you’re doing your job to the best of your ability, take it with a grain of salt. This however, is much easier to say than do. I’m the type of person who takes most things rather personally, even if they are not directed that way in the least. Or, sometimes I’d like to give them a sign stating “I hate my life, don’t take it personally.” For me, I know I need to work on separating myself more from other people’s issues. They have nothing to do with me!

Then, there is you and your office BFF who seem to work together and play together seamlessly. You agree on most things, you get things done and you laugh while doing it. How does this work? It’s so interesting, because sometimes when personalities come together just right, it makes for such a pleasant work environment. It’s too bad we can’t administer personality tests for the office upon accepting positions, especially tests on your boss!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Find your passion: Even if you can’t engage in it between 9 and 5

What’s your passion? A friend asked me over dinner the other night. I immediately assumed they were referring to what my passion would be in the work world, to which I immediately starting muttering that I am not exactly sure and then began listing my hopes and dreams for work while gesturing my hands rapidly. Amidst my blabbering that I was rolling off the tongue as I had so many times, they stopped me and clarified. Shaking their hands, trying to get me to slow down, No, not necessarily for a career, but do you have any other passions that make you happy in life?

I replied that I like to write. Yet, thinking to myself, I was wondering if that is a passion or a semi-passion. My inner thoughts began listing yoga, dancing, tennis…But are any of these my passions? Do I do or play them enough to be considered passions? Hmmm. Maybe I need to pick a real passion so I can be prepared for that type of question.

My friend told me all about their passion for volleyball and running; that obviously doesn’t include their career. They happen to be a teacher, so of course their career is one of their passions, but they were making the point that it’s important to find other passions to complete your life.

So you can’t fulfill your hopes and dreams between the hours of 9 and 5 right now. That doesn’t mean you’re off the list to fulfill other hopes and dreams outside of work. Or, you love your job. Either way, join a hockey league, a dance group or anything that makes you happy. Hopefully you’ll find it fills a hole you have in another way. I can’t speak from direct experience, as I’m exploring what my true passion could be, but last night I took the first ballet class I’ve taken in years. You never know where your passions could lead you. Good luck!

P.S. If anyone knows exactly how to make block quoting work in blogger, let me know. I can't get it to work!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oprah talks careers with Marcus Buckingham

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Oprah Winfrey, the world-wide queen of talk shows, knows what she’s talking about! Recently, if you at all follow Oprah, she has been doing something that she calls her “Best Life Series” where she focuses on helping people all over the world live the best lives they can live. She believes everyone should awaken to their higher purpose in life, especially in careers, since work takes up 1/3 of our entire life!

I happened to be browsing I-Tunes the other day, looking for some good music to buy, and to my delight, I came across some free podcasts from the Oprah Show! Marcus Buckingham, a British career guy, or “Strength Coach” as he calls himself, does a whole series of workshops to help people find guidance in their careers and in life. He also happens to be Oprah’s main career guy these days. His website offers even more information on his work.

He focuses on the fact that everyone should continually find ways to highlight their strengths, not their weaknesses. He says that only 12 % of people actually work on their strengths as opposed to their weaknesses, since our culture deems that more appropriate. According to Buckingham, people who find ways to continually build on their strengths are happier and far most successful than those who don’t. Unfortunately, many people are unhappy at work. Much of this unhappiness can be accounted for because people are drowning in their weaknesses. I know I feel like I am sometimes. Yet, is it really that easy? Probably not, as these days most people simply need a paycheck to get by, no room to worry about whether or not they like their jobs. Listening to this podcast, has reaffirmed for me that we all need to set aside some time in our lives, to figure out what it is we want and where we excel. Who else agrees?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Sorry fellow readers! I must say that I am embarrassed not to have posted in 2 weeks. I guess I have been a bit caught up with classes starting (I'm taking 2 classes free in addition to working full time) AND good news I have offered to do a guest blog for a friend who is taking a vacation in Feb. Her blog is and she blogs all about writing etc. I just sent her my guest post so I'm hoping she publishes it in Jan. I'll keep everyone updated!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The only good thing about Mondays

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My favorite thing about yesterday was coming home from the gym at 7:45 (yes I actually went!) and slipping into my pj’s just in time for a whole new year of Gossip Girl. Twisted girl drama definitely lived up to my expectations, but oddly; sometimes I just want Dan and Serena, and Chuck and Blair to stay together happily for at least a minute. Is that so much to ask? I guess there wouldn’t be a show….but arrggh….I love the couple’s and secretly just want them to live happily ever after.

Now, as far as Lily and Rufus go, can you say baby mama drama? I have to admit, at the end of last season when I heard Rufus utter the question “Was it a girl or a boy” I was totally convinced that we would soon find out Serena and Dan were brother and sister unbeknownst to them and Rufus was a father to both of them. Now that would have been somethin’. Sharing a sibling? Meh. At least they aren’t related.

As far as the dying hero Chuck goes, what will become of this train wreck? I certainly don’t foresee him ever chumming happily at home with the Vanderwoodsen’s. His sorry excuse for an Uncle, introduced last night, seems like nothing but trouble. Who will take on this lost puppy?

As soon as the show ends, I always google the blogs to see what people are saying about next week. I think there should be more gossip girl bloggers out there! I probably won’t spend every tues morning depicting last night’s episode, but I think someone should.

Gossip Girl Forever!

Monday, January 5, 2009

What is the best way to keep new years resolutions?

Welcome back to the real world everyone! Today is my first day back at work, which means no more lounging for me and no more sleeping in. (boooo) Since I’ve returned from vacation, I’ve had a powerful surge of new year energy that has allowed me to clean and organize my apartment, and hopefully my life. I cleaned off and organized my desk so I’ll want to actually do work there, thus fending off the possibility of procrastination.
The other aspect I dove right into is the gym. Yet, here is the funny part. I was rather determined to get back to the gym and burn off all those holiday calories. I decided a tough cardio kickboxing class would be a great start, or so I thought. I ended up pulling a muscle in my leg and have a hard time moving it! Wow, go me. Will I ever learn to take it easy? I really want to keep my new years resolutions that include self organization, self discipline and a good workout schedule. I am going to try something here. I will list my first few criteria for keeping new years resolutions. For the rest of the list, I need your help! Please help me finish my list by leaving great tips on how to keep a routine going and not cutting those resolutions short! I hope you all have some great resolutions and are sticking to them as well!

Tips to help stick with your new years resolutions:

1) Write down all your goals and how you’ll achieve them so you don’t forget anything. (believe me I do this often as I have the shortest term memory ever) Look back at them periodically until you get into a routine without needing to look.
2) Crack the whip on yourself at first. Don’t allow yourself to skip out the first few times or you’ll never get into a routine. I hear that it takes 2 weeks to establish a routine that feels normal.
3) Find ways to keep yourself motivated. No matter what works for you, do it. Motivation is key.

What else?!