Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I don't wear my political heart on my sleeve, especially at work.

We all know the hot topics at the water cooler these days: Politics this, politics that, John “Maverick” McCain, Obama, Palin Schmalin. I’ve found the continual conversation at work and home very stimulating the last few months, but at work I don’t show my cards very often. I’m a twenty something living in Massachusetts, so it would be extremely fitting for me to jump on the liberal bandwagon with my Obama flag in hand. On the job, I don’t feel it’s appropriate or professional. Sure, it’s fun to take a break and gather round to watch Tina Fey’s latest installment of the Sarah Palin chronicles, but keep it professional. You never know who you could be offending and then you may be writing your judgment ticket. What if it’s your boss that you offend? It’s a sensitive topic that I feel should be left at home. If you do decide to run the risk, be prepared to back yourself up. I see far too many people who are more than willing to stick a political sticker on themselves, without actually knowing why they believe in their candidate. This is another reason I don’t always voice my opinion. If I’m going to voice it, I better know what I’m talking about. In the end, I think everyone will value your even-keeled, professional manner.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Politics haven't been mentioned at all at my office. Granted we don't really say much to each other.

Personally, I think political views should be shared best online. Think about it. You could argue several points in one email - stating facts & linking to all your sources. They could respond in the same manner, and everyone is more informed. (I tried this & failed. My politically interested friend apparently is "not big on facts. You just cant know who to trust these days." lol. epic fail.

Jen Sanderson said...

Good Job Amy!!!! What an excellent and well-versed post. I totally agree that bandwagoning is crazy- both candidates have their strengths and faults. You need to look at all the facts, where they are coming from and from whom....and more importantly, WHY.

Gracie said...

Totally agree! Let me relay some of the conversations overheard last week-ish...

"Say, did you watch the VP debate?"
"You betcha, Biden said some really incorrect things"
"Yeah, but so did Palin, just how it goes."
"True, but atleast Palin is smart enough to be vauge!"

and to end the week, I heard this:
"So will the federal mints just start printing more money, that would be the smartest thing to do."

I left work early after being subject to such stupidity!

I have very strong political views, but don't let them show through at work - and I work at a pretty conservative company!