Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just believe in yourself: More than a saying?

We all know that attitude is everything. If we have a bad attitude and believe we won’t get the job we want or the raise we asked for, we certainly won’t. Our sour mindset will somehow seethe out, onto the object of our affection. It always does, right?

I’ve been doing some reading the last few days, on the power of our subconscious minds. (Powerful stuff!)According to my research our subconscious minds, better known as our ships of which our conscious minds are the captains, stores all of our behaviors and experiences. These behaviors, experiences and emotions are apparently directly responsible for every course we take in life and the outcome. Our subconscious is under direct orders from our conscious minds. Even though we do not realize it, our conscious attitudes truly do matter in what the outcomes of our hopes and dreams are. If we think that we won’t make the next round of interviews, our subconscious minds listen and we do not make it. So, with this knowledge of the power of our subconscious, evidently we can become masters of our own universe.

Now this makes a lot of sense. A book by Dr. Joseph Murphy, entitled The power of your subconscious mind says “When your mind thinks correctly, when you understand the truth, when the thoughts deposited in your subconscious mind are constructive, harmonious and peaceful, the magic working of your subconscious will respond and bring about harmonious conditions, agreeable surroundings and the best of everything.” This author and others I’ve researched have continually suggested that we all consciously convince ourselves of what we want, and poof there it will be. Now I don’t know if it will really be that simple, but I’m sure going to try. Maybe we can all try consciously convincing ourselves of one little thing this week that we want to change in our lives and careers and see what happens. It will be a great experiment!

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