Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kell on Earth: Where Production Meets Reality

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Kelly Cutrone, owner of People's Revolution, has just launched the newest phase of her reality tv career with Kell On Earth, a reality show on the ins and outs of a typical day at her hectic firm. Kelly is by no means new to the cameras, as her firm's also appeared on MTV's The Hills and The City. Yet now the show is focusing on her firm alone and there seems to be no end to the drama, the tears and the stress. (Would BRAVO have it any other way?)

Yet, even in reality television, there has to be some element of production. So, I wonder how much is (I don't want to use the words not real, as I do think there is a lot of reality here) but "highlighted" or "exaggerated"? More importantly, from personal curiosity and for the other twenty somethings out there, do you think you could survive in this office, with Kelly as your boss? My answer is yes and no.

From the Kell on Earth view of the world, there is never ever enough time, some last minute disaster always happens and no matter what you do, you'll probably get screamed at for it. Not to mention, spoken to in a very "valley girl" sort of voice about how you aren't pulling your weight. "I mean, oh my god, like, this is, like, ridiculous, like I can't believe you aren't like doing your job." Can you guess who this is? ALL the girls at the firm...

I'm actually trying to get a job at a PR agency right now, and I'm well versed from previous PR experiences that the job can get pretty out of control, hectic and overwhelming. It comes in waves depending on launches and events etc. However, I can't help but think that if your firm is run well, you are good with time management and your firm isn't short-staffed, you should be able to sleep at night and complete daily cleansing activities etc. I know they started the filming during fashion week, so that's probably why we're seeing the sleep deprived train wrecks with dark circles. (and dare I say it, No make-up! Oh snap!) But there is a fashion week is many cities and they seem to cover all of them. We'll see what else Kelly's got in store this season!

All in all, it's exciting to watch, yet also stressful. Kelly is portrayed as a horrible boss, but a great mentor at the same time. The girls who work at her firm have to be thick skinned and not take anything personally. AND most importantly, as Kelly always says "If you have to cry, go outside!"

What you do all think?


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I really enjoy watching it - both for the drama and they great work they do. It's my field so although I don't work in fashion it is interesting to see their day to day stuff.

Jennifer Sanderson said...

I DID notice, and am more than slightly annoyed by the amount of use the girls employ by way of the word "like". Ugh...they should know better. I haven't ever heard Kelly mis-use the word "like" but members of her senior staff use it way too much to sound ultra-professional.

I think the show is gaining a lot of fans because it is much more authentic "aka" real then a lot of the other "drama-reality" shows that are quite nauseating.

Godiva said...

Months later... oh well.

I used to adore the show. Almost forgot about it and now I stumbled on your posts :) Haha the public relations aspect of fashion is so interesting but wasn't quite what I expected. Not too glamorous but fun to watch.

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