Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't let your job / lack of job determine your happiness

With the number of people lately who have been laid off, or who are simply in jobs that don't give them the satisfaction they desire, it leads me to wonder if our happiness is purely dependent on the jobs given to us, or if we can somehow create our own sense of happiness in this arena regardless of the actual conditions.

I was reading this article on the Careeralism website and it helped to affirm my thoughts that no matter what, we are in control of at least a bit of our career happiness. If you're unhappy between 9 and 5, there may be other opportunities to fill in the gaps of disappointment. Take a class in your field of interest, network, volunteer. But don't let others bring you down. Don't let job rejections make you feel that you can't be happy. As this article states, you CAN have your cake and eat it too. See link to article below.

5 Ways to Take Control of a Job That's Not Working
By CAREEREALISM-Approved Expert, Tai Goodwin


J.T. O'Donnell said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on career satisfaction - and I couldn't agree more!

It is in our control. When I read Tai's cake analogy, it immediately reminded me of a job I had where I took a big pay hike - turned out it was hazard pay.

We all live and learn, don't we?

I wish you the best and am glad you stopped by It's young professionals like yourself that we started the site for. We appreciate your readership!


JT, Founder

Seattle Kim D said...

Great post, it is really difficult not to let unemployment get you down so encouragers like this are very much appreciated!

Nick said...

That's an interesting point. The problem is when people are really struggling with a job they hate, the job saps a lot of energy out of them and they find it harder to pursue the other interests that would give them a greater sense of fulfillment. A good part of that of course is because our sense of identity is so closely tied to our career. What's the first thing someone asks you at a party? "What do you do?" How are people usually described if they are mentioned in a newspaper article? By age and occupation. I like the sentiment of this article but I do think it requires a lot of willpower not to define yourself by your job, as that is the way most of the rest of the world defines you.

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