Monday, September 22, 2008

A follow up

My last post posed the following question: For all of you generation Y working folk, how many of you would say you are in a job or career that you see yourself in long term? How many think your current gig is just a means to an end?

I find this question interesting because I am a twenty something, now 3 years out of school and feel that all the jobs that I have had since graduation have only been jobs, not careers. I’ve been on a path of a means to an end and haven’t yet found that comfortable place where I can see myself for several years or more.

I’m sure this path is not atypical for a twenty something, but I must admit I find it frustrating! Not to mention, some of my loved ones get frustrated with me as well sometimes. I am just now beginning to see the light of exactly what field I want to be in, but haven’t arrived yet. I love writing and being creative. I would be a journalist but I don’t want that intense lifestyle. I want to work in Marketing, but not sure how I feel about corporate lifestyle. Also, within marketing / advertising / public relations, there are so many options! I think I’ve been thinking to much about it all!

My solution? I am taking the next several months to network like crazy and conduct informational interviews with people in my field of interest. Since I don’t want my next move to be another means to an end, I’m planning accordingly. Or so I hope!


Elizabeth Marie said...

I know how you feel. The problem with wanting to go into a creative career is that there isn't a set career path. As a writer it's frustrating to see how my college friends are following their little "yellow brick road" through med or law school while I'm stuck doing all the legwork for my career on my own lol. But I guess thats the tradeoff from being able to stay at home all day on my laptop. I'm glad you enjoyed my blog and if you need any advice, network, design, or content wise please dont hesitate to ask. I know how tough it is to be a new blogger (I'm still pretty new myself)!

Brandon Carlos said...

As a twenty-something not even a year out of school, I understand the frustration with sticking to that path. I think it's far more common than you give it credit for, if not simply for the fact that to get to that end, we often have to start somewhere we'd rather not be. The "means" does not purely have to be monetary though. It may be that through the job you're currently at, you meet the contact that sails you off to that dream job.
Whatever you choose to pursue-- PR, marketing, journalism-- you'll find opportunities often cross your path just by networking well.
This space--the social media space-- is littered with opportunity for the professional who has something valuable to offer to their peers.