Thursday, December 18, 2008

2 weeks vacation

Hi All,

So I am about one day away from a full 2 weeks of Holiday vacation. Since I work at a Catholic University, its a bonified Christmas VK. But for me, its just a VK with a dash o' holiday. However, this Monday, the first official day of my VK, I will be undergoing a minor eye surgery. YIKES! I recently found out that I have a condition called strabismus which basically means that both my eyes don't work together because one of my eyes has a muscle that is weak or paralyzed. (sounds worse than it is) When I look in certain angles, some objects become double and it's hard to focus. Contrary to popular belief, its different than a lazy eye, although if you catch me at the right time, it can look like one. I've heard and read that it's a minor procedure and the recovery time is just a day or two. So hopefully by Wednesday, when we leave for my boyfriends parent's house, I will back to my old self. Other than my wisdom teeth, I've never undergone surgery, but I am trying to stay positive! If anyone has ever undergone this surgery, let me know what it was like! I try and update after wards to let you all know how it went. For now, Happy Holidays and enjoy some well deserved time off from work!

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Ashley said...

I hope the surgery goes well, and happy holidays!