Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Up in the air

Do you hate when pieces of your life are up in the air? My lovely boyfriend will be graduating from a master’s program this May which means he’ll start looking for big boy jobs as he calls them. We’ve been talking about this on and off for several months. Where will he get this big boy job? Good question. We live in Boston and there are plenty of opportunities here for him, but that doesn’t mean we will ultimately end up staying here. It all depends. So here is his big dream: He wants to move back to our home town and teach at his old high school. If that sounds great to him, it sounds awful to me. Our home town is a fairly economically depressed place which is lovely to visit, but there are very few jobs. I highly doubt I would find a decent job there and as far as a career, I can basically forget about it. Plus, I have no friends there anymore. So, sounds like someone will have to make a sacrifice. I trust that we’ll work it out together but I’d rather not have to go through a battle in the process. The irritating part is, its all hypothetical right now, there isn’t a point in getting worked up about a possibility that hasn’t even come to fruition. So, for now we’ll just wait and hope that things work out for both of us.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

I feel the same way. Many things in my life are up in the air - I am graduating undergrad in May and don't know what to do in the career arena. Not to mention my long-distance maybe boyfriend...if that isn't up in the air I don't know what is!?

Good luck with your boyfriend, I have learned over the past year to be patient and time will work things out. It sounds cliche but it really is true for me!

Ashley said...

My life is completely up in the air right now, depending on what PhD programs I get into, but I don't have to make the decision with another person, so I don't have that complication.

These times can be exciting though, too!

Kim said...

Decisions after college or grad school are the hardest to make because it feels like you're taking the rest of your life and wadding it up into one choice.

Though, I have to say, I'd never want to move back to my hometown and teach there. Blech!

Wendy said...

Okay, I have to comment as the geezer interloper here. Feel free to kick me out at any time. :-)

When I was in my mid-30's my husband had this brilliant idea to move us from our beach neighborhood back to my very tiny, tiny Southern hometown. I thought the idea was completely nightmarish and I didn't want to go at all.

But it seemed the right thing to do at the time for our family and it has turned out really well for us. I left here when I was in my 20's because it just wasn't "exciting" and there didn't seem like much opportunity.

However, I found all sorts of interesting opportunities once I was here. We ended up owning our own business, joined the Chamber of Commerce, are very active in civic organizations and I'm starting my first term on the city council, so I can create change on a city level.

It's amazing how much difference you can make in a smaller community. Instead of being little fish in a big pond, we get to make a big splash in a small pond. It has its benefits.

I also thought this was a far better place to raise a family than in the city. We didn't start our family until we were in our late 30's. (Late bloomers!)

Anyway, just a different perspective that you might not have seen!