Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The only good thing about Mondays

Above photo courtesy of tv.com

My favorite thing about yesterday was coming home from the gym at 7:45 (yes I actually went!) and slipping into my pj’s just in time for a whole new year of Gossip Girl. Twisted girl drama definitely lived up to my expectations, but oddly; sometimes I just want Dan and Serena, and Chuck and Blair to stay together happily for at least a minute. Is that so much to ask? I guess there wouldn’t be a show….but arrggh….I love the couple’s and secretly just want them to live happily ever after.

Now, as far as Lily and Rufus go, can you say baby mama drama? I have to admit, at the end of last season when I heard Rufus utter the question “Was it a girl or a boy” I was totally convinced that we would soon find out Serena and Dan were brother and sister unbeknownst to them and Rufus was a father to both of them. Now that would have been somethin’. Sharing a sibling? Meh. At least they aren’t related.

As far as the dying hero Chuck goes, what will become of this train wreck? I certainly don’t foresee him ever chumming happily at home with the Vanderwoodsen’s. His sorry excuse for an Uncle, introduced last night, seems like nothing but trouble. Who will take on this lost puppy?

As soon as the show ends, I always google the blogs to see what people are saying about next week. I think there should be more gossip girl bloggers out there! I probably won’t spend every tues morning depicting last night’s episode, but I think someone should.

Gossip Girl Forever!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

I'm a huge GG fan myself. And like you, I'm tired of all of the relationship drama. But I guess if that stuff wasn't going on then what would be? I want to actually see Chuck and Blair together for once...to see how they would be in a relationship.

The Serena/Dan relationship reminds me of the Meredith/Derek relationship on Greys...everyone always wanted it to happen but there was always something standing in the way.

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I'll admit, I haven't gotten into Gossip Girl but I may have to give the last season a try through Net Flix - I know so many people that love it!

...and thanks for stopping by!