Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Find your passion: Even if you can’t engage in it between 9 and 5

What’s your passion? A friend asked me over dinner the other night. I immediately assumed they were referring to what my passion would be in the work world, to which I immediately starting muttering that I am not exactly sure and then began listing my hopes and dreams for work while gesturing my hands rapidly. Amidst my blabbering that I was rolling off the tongue as I had so many times, they stopped me and clarified. Shaking their hands, trying to get me to slow down, No, not necessarily for a career, but do you have any other passions that make you happy in life?

I replied that I like to write. Yet, thinking to myself, I was wondering if that is a passion or a semi-passion. My inner thoughts began listing yoga, dancing, tennis…But are any of these my passions? Do I do or play them enough to be considered passions? Hmmm. Maybe I need to pick a real passion so I can be prepared for that type of question.

My friend told me all about their passion for volleyball and running; that obviously doesn’t include their career. They happen to be a teacher, so of course their career is one of their passions, but they were making the point that it’s important to find other passions to complete your life.

So you can’t fulfill your hopes and dreams between the hours of 9 and 5 right now. That doesn’t mean you’re off the list to fulfill other hopes and dreams outside of work. Or, you love your job. Either way, join a hockey league, a dance group or anything that makes you happy. Hopefully you’ll find it fills a hole you have in another way. I can’t speak from direct experience, as I’m exploring what my true passion could be, but last night I took the first ballet class I’ve taken in years. You never know where your passions could lead you. Good luck!

P.S. If anyone knows exactly how to make block quoting work in blogger, let me know. I can't get it to work!

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Damaria Senne said...

My passion outside writing is renovating old houses. I'm on my third ( the one I live in). The other two were for learning the process and reselling. I came into it late in life, but if I was not a writer, i would want to do renovation/restoration professionally.