Monday, January 5, 2009

What is the best way to keep new years resolutions?

Welcome back to the real world everyone! Today is my first day back at work, which means no more lounging for me and no more sleeping in. (boooo) Since I’ve returned from vacation, I’ve had a powerful surge of new year energy that has allowed me to clean and organize my apartment, and hopefully my life. I cleaned off and organized my desk so I’ll want to actually do work there, thus fending off the possibility of procrastination.
The other aspect I dove right into is the gym. Yet, here is the funny part. I was rather determined to get back to the gym and burn off all those holiday calories. I decided a tough cardio kickboxing class would be a great start, or so I thought. I ended up pulling a muscle in my leg and have a hard time moving it! Wow, go me. Will I ever learn to take it easy? I really want to keep my new years resolutions that include self organization, self discipline and a good workout schedule. I am going to try something here. I will list my first few criteria for keeping new years resolutions. For the rest of the list, I need your help! Please help me finish my list by leaving great tips on how to keep a routine going and not cutting those resolutions short! I hope you all have some great resolutions and are sticking to them as well!

Tips to help stick with your new years resolutions:

1) Write down all your goals and how you’ll achieve them so you don’t forget anything. (believe me I do this often as I have the shortest term memory ever) Look back at them periodically until you get into a routine without needing to look.
2) Crack the whip on yourself at first. Don’t allow yourself to skip out the first few times or you’ll never get into a routine. I hear that it takes 2 weeks to establish a routine that feels normal.
3) Find ways to keep yourself motivated. No matter what works for you, do it. Motivation is key.

What else?!

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

One thing that I find very helpful is creating specifc goals to begin with. Good luck!