Monday, November 3, 2008

We can’t always do it all

A huge piece of information I have learned about myself in the past few years, is that I really do want to do it all sometimes and I can’t. I want to work full time, be a part of every organization, take classes, and take on a part time job to supplement my income and resume…and have a life without going insane. Believe me, I’ve actually tried it. It doesn’t work.

Perhaps this is my twenty-something, vigorous mind talking, perhaps I don’t feel satisfied, and want to find my way into a new situation. Whatever the reason, it’s a blessing and a curse! Funny thing is I wasn’t always like this. I wasn’t overly involved in high school or college. It wasn’t until I entered the work force that I realized, I’m on my own and don’t have anything to fall back on except myself.

Right now I work full time; I am doing my best to network as much as I can, so I get my name out there and hopefully land my dream job sometime soon. Oh, I’m also taking a class. Did I mention that? I know, I’ve learned my lesson so I am trying to take it easy. I’m not super woman, but I want to feel like it.

Roaring Twenties Writer

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