Thursday, April 9, 2009

7 ways to position yourself now for the upturn

It feels a bit pointless to be sending out resumes right now and hoping for many signs of hope, simply because so many companies are not hiring. Is there anything you can do instead of sit around and wait? Yes!

Work on ways to position yourself now, so when the inevitable upturn does come around, you are ready to go. Here are 7 things to work on right now:

1) Network, network, network. Did I mention network? Economy good or bad, it's the single most effective way of getting a job. Join networking groups and go to as many networking events as possible.

2)Market yourself on the internet via facebook, twitter, linked in and blogs now and brand yourself (see previous post about Personal Branding with Dan Schawbel)

3) Do your research and target specific companies so you know who you are looking for at these networking events. Research them and be ready to talk about why you want to work for them, on a moment's notice.

4)Update your resume and have it critiqued to make sure it's perfect.

5)Seek out volunteer opportunities in your area as a resume builder. Try to volunteer in the field you are hoping to work. You never know, they may keep you as a full time employee!

6)When the time comes for you to answer why you are interested in working for this company etc, be ready with a sharp and articulate answer. It sounds easy, but practice now so you don't stumble around when the time comes.

7)When a job opens up, find ways to get there first. DON'T wait for the job to be posted on Do you know how many resumes they are going to get? Most likely in the thousands. This can easily be accomplished though networking and that way you'll hopefully have the direct email of the hiring manager.

Good luck and let's hope companies start to hire again soon!

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Stuart Foster said...

It's rough out there at the moment. I'm working as a consultant in the marketing/pr field (but also on the look-out for new opportunities) and the competition has been fierce, the jobs few, and the commitments to spend money around 10%. Just endure and keep positive...and blog, comment, and twitter. Can't hurt if you network your ass off either.