Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Are you mad, but left with no choices?

So, my sister, just returned from a "job interview" which she started to tell me about, by saying that it would be good material for my blog. Well, hey, I never leave good material in the dust, so shoot. Yet this made me very curious to find out how it went! Quite the opener.

Laid off a few months ago, she clearly is in no position to be picky about possible interviews or jobs at this time, plus this possibility sounded like a good one. So, after driving about an hour into Boston and arriving 15 minutes ahead of her "scheduled" interview time, she was ready to go. A lovely HR woman came out and met with her, had a great conversation and then instructed my sister to wait while she went to get the other woman whom she would be meeting with.

10 minutes and 2 magazine flip through's later, the same woman arrived looking very flustered. "I am SO sorry, but it looks like she is caught in a meeting and she cannot meet with you right now; we'll have to re-schedule. So sorry to make you come all the way out here."

Wow. Now, if this were to happen to you, would you even want to go back? It would clearly leave an awful taste in any one's mouth, but when you are unemployed in this economy, what choice may you have?


Barefoot in the Park said...

oh how terrible!

Kerry said...

That is unbelievably rude.

Part of my response would depend on whether the woman who stood me up was the person I'd actually be working for, or someone else. If this was my potential boss...well, I'd still go on the rescheduled interview to hear what she had to say, but it would have to be a hell of a story.

I can think of a time or two when this would be justified (once I had someone who had come to work with a gun and threatened to use it...I had to cancel all my meetings and deal with it, obviously). But it would really have to be something big, and I would absolutely have called everyone I stood up to apologize and explain.

I feel bad for the HR person--I have been in situations where the hiring manager has been a jerk to a candidate, and since I'm not allowed to smack 'em, there's not much I can do except apologize profusely.

Katie said...

I think even in these times, you can be a little choosy. If the people you will be working for can't even keep simple schedules, can you imagine how difficult it would be working for them?