Monday, April 6, 2009

Self-Analysis tests: friends or foes?

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Have you ever taken a personality or career test? What did you think? Odds are the test didn’t exactly give you a miracle. Yet, it didn’t hurt right? For the past year, I have been taking classes in the Communications Dept, working to obtain a post-graduate certificate in Communications Studies. Unfortunately, the school doesn’t offer any grad programs in Communications. I am currently taking a course called Organizational Behavior. As a piece of the course, we are instructed to take several Self-Analysis tests that help us to determine our working and learning styles. They’re strikingly similar to personality tests you may be acquainted with.

Upon starting the first test, I couldn’t be convinced I would learn a thing from it that I didn’t already know. I was mostly right; however it did get me thinking more about what I want out of a work environment and helped me to conceptualize my thoughts in a more organized manner. If I ever need to come up with an on the spot speech of what my basic needs for a work environment are, I am all set. I suppose that’s always better than stumbling around, trying to articulate them in a manner that makes sense to others. So, here we go. I have a high level of need for achievement. This I know. I always want to appear in the best light possible and hope my supervisors and colleagues sing my praises as long as I am here. I don’t know if I a perfectionist, but I may be more of one than I thought.

I have a very high need for affiliation and work best in a group setting. I think this is attributed to being a part of many groups growing up. It’s where I am happiest, and thus when I am most productive. Sure, everyone needs their independent times to focus and get things done, but generally I am a people person.

Since I am young, I haven’t been in to many situations where I have most of the power, but the few times I was, I loved it. I love supervising others and feel I am a great listener, honest and fair. This will be good for my future, I hope. What does everyone else think of these and what do you think about your own basic needs in a work environment?

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